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Figure painting has been a prominent part of art for as long as artists have been painting. It tell the story of us, and gives us the opportunity to reflect upon the human condition. Figures and humanity have always been the central focus of Lorena Ziraldo's practice as an artist. While not each and every painting depicts figures, even her interior and floral works still retain the echoes of our influence in the way in which space has been designed or flowers have been arranged. Of course, her works are more than just pictures, they are fine paintings, and they engage the viewer with strong form, colour and space. When we first began to show Lorena's work in 2001, it was obvious to everyone that she has great skill as a painter. Her unique ability to construct form from skillfully applied brushstrokes is in itself remarkable, but the strength of feeling that she conveys with paint is also outstanding. After 17 years of representing her work, we are privileged to be able to present another new body of work in this exhibition entitled Seventeen Years, 17 Paintings. We hope you can join us for the opening reception for this exhibition, the latest in our 25th anniversary series.