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Many collectors of fine art have long recognized and celebrated the distinctive characteristics of original printmaking. While original prints are generally more modestly priced than paintings, it is as much due to their unique characteristics that many collectors are drawn to them. Many of the effects created in printmaking simply cannot be achieved through the use of other media. They are technically demanding to produce, and require great skill and patience of the artists who make them. At it's simplest, we define an original print as an artwork that has been manually printed by the artist (or with some processes, printed under the artist's supervision). It is not a reproduction. The artist will have created an image on block, stone, plate, or screen from which the final print is produced. There are many high quality reproductions available in today's maeketplace. Some are produced as limited editions, and while they serve the purpose of making copies available of otherwise existing original artworks, they are not conceived or executed as original works, unlike original prints. In this exhibition, we are delighted to present works by eight artists whose dynamic work demonstrates the exciting possibilities of original printmaking.