Summer 2021
Summer 2021

An exhibition of Gallery artists that will be changed each month during the summer.

Our summer hours are now in effect.

Monday: open by chance or appointment

Tuesday to Friday: 9:30 to 5:30

Saturday: 9:30 to 2:30

New Arrivals
Rose Adams, R.C.A.
Judy Arsenault
Alan Bateman
Arnaud Béghin
Terry Bell
Wayne Boucher, R.C.A.
Dean Brousseau
Malcolm Callaway
Holly Carr
Greg Coldwell
Susan Coolen
Horst Deppe
Renate Deppe
Philip Doucette
Terry Havlis Drahos
Randy Engelberg
Leya Evelyn, R.C.A.
Steve Farmer
Renee Forrestall
Tom Forrestall
Ian Gilson
Bob Hainstock
Brad Hall
Michael Hames
Paul Hannon
Susan Hubley
Francine Huot
Christopher Joyce
Andy Karr
Laura Kenney
Ron Kuwahara
Janet Larkman
F. Scott MacLeod
Jennifer Marlow
Joyce Martin
Margot Metcalfe
James Middleton
Don Moore
Mindy Moore
Tony Myers
John Neville
Susan Paterson
Louise Pentz
Brian Porter
Sally Ravindra
Mary Reardon
Steven Rhude
Asha Robertson
Craig Rubadoux
Kath Kornelsen Rutherford
Robert Rutherford
Kay Stanfield
Johanna Steffen
Lisa Tondino
Susan Tooke
Lorena Ziraldo
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