Susan Tooke’s exhibition of new works, West of Paradise, continues the artist’s focus on environmental issues. Susan’s Woodlands series defines Canadian wilderness and old growth forests in a sophisticated and vibrant style. Her Groundscape series employs a symbolic language for life forms impacted by the elements and layered through time. “Inspiration for my work comes from the wilderness that yet remains and the very definition of wilderness. Discussions with scientists working to protect endangered spaces and my personal interest in preserving the natural environment have led me to concentrate on this subject through my art making. Almost two years ago, I moved with my artist husband, Richard Rudnicki, to rural Nova Scotia. This move was predicated on our desire to leave the construction zone we felt around us in Halifax and find common ground, so to speak, within the Annapolis Valley. Much of my work reflects the constant motion of the Queen Anne Marsh, and the fields and forests of my Port Royal home.” Susan Tooke has received numerous awards and grants including the prestigious Established Artist Recognition Award in 2015 in acknowledgement of the artistic contribution she has made to the province of Nova Scotia. Painting is the foundation of her studio practice, which also includes multi-media work in sound, video and animation. Her work is represented in the collections of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Art Bank, TD Bank, Parks Canada and the National Library of Canada. A celebrated illustrator, her artwork for children’s literature has resulted in multiple awards including four Lillian Shepherd Memorial Awards for Excellence in Illustration and ten published books. Past-President of Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des Artistes Canadiens, she is an active advocate for artists’ social and economic rights. Susan received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University with further studies in the Masters of Media Arts program at the New School in New York City.

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