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Gathering in the Fog
Etching (17/50)
17 3/4 x 24

Upper Bay of Fundy fishermen accepted waiting as a part of fishing. After fishing on the low water period, there was waiting for the tide to enter the harbour and make it accessible. On the ebb tide, after leaving the harbour, there was often waiting for the tide to slow down at low tide when the actual fishing effort was concentrated.
During the 1950s before the common use of marine electronics such as Radar, VHF, Loran, etc., the isolation of the fog was offset by waiting together. Often, just outside the the harbour entrance in a semi-sheltered cove, the boats would tie up together and wait. These were occasions for gossip, teasing, shop talk and bonding. When drinking was involved these boats and fishermen were “gathering”
Some days fishing would be forgotten and one would be selected to go ashore for more liquor. If the fog remained thick they could spend the day together undetected.

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