Birth of a Dory Large Web view.jpg Big Fish ThumbnailsBoat Burning, Advocate Bay, N.S.
Birth of a Dory
Intaglio print
Edition of 120
6 3/8 x 8 3/4

Since my childhood, I have seen and helped build dories in my family’s work shed by our home. In 1976 I came home from my final year of printmaking studies in Switzerland, and although dad hadn’t built a dory since 1949, we had one set up within a month. Uncle Phillip let me go on my grandfather’s vault property to cut the dory knees. The knees are one piece of wood bent to a natural near right angle by cutting a tree and root as one from a steep hill.
This image shows myself and my father pulling/pushing a boat outside. The boat changes when it is brought outside, its form changes with the event.
When people would drop in to see how the dories were coming along, they would always ask, “How do you get it out such a small doorway?”… “It’s like a birth.” (1987)

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