Boat Burning, Advocate Bay, N.S.
Intaglio print
Artist proof
18 x 24
$1500 unframed

Recently a fisherman from Advocate Harbour, N.S., burned his boat. It was the end of the lobster fishing season, and his new old boat had given him nothing but problems since the first day. Everything seemed to break, leak, or be an ill fit. He still owed a fair amount of money on the boat. On the last fishing day he drove her up on the beach, took off a few essentials - transmission, compass, fittings - and torched her.A small group of fisherman were there to watch. Of all the alternatives this was uncommon enough to warrant recording. I admired him for his honesty and courage. He told me the story in late winter when I do most of my studio work. I just drew what I thought it would have been like. At the beginning of the Spring season, he and his buddies gave a visit, and they all said they really liked the way I had imagined it looked. I gave him a print and he said he would hang it in his home.


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