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Fishing Party
Intaglio print
Trial proof
18 x 24
$1000 unframed

This is an image of my uncles Phillip and Major, my dad, and my dad’s boat, during the 50s when they were young men fishing together. Sometimes a group from the Annapolis Valley would charter a boat to go handlining – for the sport of it. Of course, there was often a bit of liquor involved and the boat would keep half or more of aa fish caught. The owner would be kept busy baiting and untangling lines. The cotton lines used at this time would have two baited hooks and a lead weight as much as 5 pounds. Most fish were caught near the bottom. The skilled boat captains could anticipate anchor drag and the amount of line to throw in order to anchor within just a few yards of each other. These excursions were called “fishing parties” and were just that. I still enjoy handlining in the dories I build at home, taking out friends from the valley.

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