Jesus It's Cold Large Web view.jpg Hurricane Edna ThumbnailsFirst Motorized Boat, Circa 1905
Jesus It's Cold
Edition of 50
17 3/4 x 23 3/4
$1000 unframed

This particular baptism occurred in Halls Harbour about 1890. Baptisms by a total immersion in the Bay of Fundy were common events in all coastal communities until recent times. As the congregations were small and regular service impossible during the winter months, few communities had full time ministers. The minister would frequently be an Acadian Divinity School student or a minister from a larger valley village such as Billtown, Centreville or Canning. It was thus possible he would not know the names or the faces of the people being baptised.
A certain youth was being baptised this day. Instead, he and his friend got drunk and his friend accepted cash payment of two dollars to go in his place. He came up out of the water sputtering and yelling “Jesus It’s Cold!” He was teased about this for the rest of his life.