Halls Hbr, NS circa 1940 Medium Web view.jpg
Halls Harbour, N.S., circa 1940
Intaglio print
Edition of 150
6 3/4 x 9 1/4
$95 unframed

Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia, Circa 1940, 1994
Halls Harbour is a small fishing village located on the Bay of Fundy shore of Nova Scotia. The harbour is named after the rumoured buried treasure of a pirate, Samuel Hall. Halls Harbour was settled by the descendants of the New England Planters and loyalists in the early 1800s, the wharf was built in 1834. The harbour was an active port exporting softwood lumber to Boston, importing mail and supplies like brown sugar, silk and cotton. Shown here is the original wooden lighthouse that was replaced with a safer version in the 1960s.

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