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Launching a Cape Boat
Intaglio print
Edition of 200
3 3/4 x 5
$70 unframed

Launching a Cape Boat, 1997
“The Cape Island boat takes its name from its place of origin; Cape Sable Island in Shelburne County, around 1910. Cape boats sit on the surface of the water, drawing barely enough to immerse their propellers. It is said the first design was based on seeing a seagull bobbing in the nearby water. The earliest Cape boats were built at the Atkinson boat yard and have become the inshore work boat of choice. They were relatively easy and cheap to build, outfit and operate. This boat owned by the Taylor family has been sitting in its cradle on the wharf for the winter. On a high run of tides in the early spring she is pulled and then pushed down the sluice-way by a farm tractor, into the water.” – Joyce Martin

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