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Lochmaddy Raft Races, North Uist, Scotland
Intaglio print
Edition of 200
5 x 17 1/2
$140 unframed

Lochmaddy Raft Races, North Uist, 1999
“The last week in June, the summer begins in Lochmaddy, with a weekend celebration of its Marine History – a ‘Boat Feis’. We were there for our show in 1998. The Uist Boat Club holds the raft race followed by a Ceilidh Dance that goes into the wee hours of the morning. The children and parents build their rafts on historical themes. They arrive to walk around in the bitterly cold water, to navigate quite a long, and in my estimation, dangerous course in the back harbour. Once in the water, the crowd throws hand-sized sacks of white powder (looked like flour) at the participants from the shore. Any that didn’t break were thrown amongst the rowers. It truly was a joyous family event.” – Joyce Martin

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