Parrsboro Nostalgia Medium Web view.jpg
Parrsboro Nostalgia
Intaglio print
Edition of 100
5 1/2 x 17 1/2
$190 unframed

Parrsboro Nostalgia,1994
“This is a retired fisherman with his beagle, on a visit to retired boats that have been hauled up to be repaired or are no longer in use. The big sky is synonymous with the power and bigness of the water, both elements the fisherman becomes one with during his career. The Parrsboro light, and the sand bar at the mouth of the harbour, are important to the home coming, as are the tiny white homes that border the shore. In making this plate, I did another aquatint, after the first proofing of what was to be the finished plate; thus the two textures in the clouds came to look like the pictures you see in the clouds as a child.” – Joyce Martin
“As a young teen I remember taking the drive from Halls Harbour to the Parrsboro shore early one spring with many stops along the way. There is a small diner filled with locals where we stopped for a bite of lunch. Mom quickly finished her meal and went on outside without us to further investigate the beached dories and skiffs. Mom created this image from the photographs taken that day by creating a line image in reverse followed by an aquatint to give definition tonally. Boat building is a dying art in the Maritimes and this was, in a sense her way of preserving it.” – Trisha Neville

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