Penny Candy 150 12x8.jpg
Penny Candy
Intaglio print
Edition of 150
11 3/4 x 7 3/4
$140 unframed

Penny Candy 1999
“In our village, there is a very old store that is a tradition. It is only open seasonally. The glass case of penny candy holds a special place in the memory of all the children who, over the generations, have grown up and summered at the harbour.” - Joyce Martin
“The Parker’s store is nestled at the base of the hill alongside the east wharf in Halls Harbour. Growing up in Halls Harbour during the 1980s when the store was run by Fred and Vilda Parker, I recall the uniqueness of the wall decor and the salty smell of dulse that accompanied the sights within. As a child it was a real treat to carefully select fifty cents worth of goodies, when a penny was typically the price per candy.” – Trisha Neville

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