Primarily self taught, Greg was raised in an artistic household. His first attempts at drawing were copying comic books and cartoons. He was taught landscape painting at a young age by his father, an artist and model maker at the Nova Scotia museum of Natural History. He spent any days off from school at the museum, where he came under the tutelage of many of the exhibit staff and artists. Notably Azor Vienneau and George Halverson. Pursuing a career in model making, Greg first worked in architectural modelling and then designing and building props for the film industry in Vancouver and Toronto. Many unique pieces were created for The X Files, Stargate, The Outer Limits, Pacific Rim, numerous TV series and commercials. Later on he also constructed models/dioramas for several national museums including the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, the Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawa, and produced a graphic novel about the HMCS Haida for Parks Canada. He finds inspiration from walking around Halifax and taking images of industrial scenes as well as birds in trees. His favorite artists include Herge, Moebius, Van Gogh, Joe Johnston, Ralph McQuarrie and Jack Kirby

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