Jennie McGuire is a graduate of the Capilano Art School in Vancouver, and did post graduate work in art therapy before moving overseas. She has a long and active history of involvement with the arts in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand and elsewhere. She was the featured artist in the December 2022 issue of ArtSquat magazine, Los Angeles. Her work can be found in collections nationally and internationally. She lives and works in East Chester, Nova Scotia. Her abstract works feature a confident and clear sense of composition that is unique yet somehow familiar.

Heather Waugh Pitts is a rising star in the world of ceramics, whose work has been exhibited throughout Canada and in London, England. The contemporary vessels that she creates are informed by the surface landscapes of her youth - gravel pits, forests, the Atlantic Ocean, and her family's extraordinary gardens. Principal owner of successful design, fine art, and mural companies for over 25 years, her vast experience with form, scale, and texture has influenced how she builds her storied and layered vessels. Heather experiments with layers of glazes, oxides, and slip with several firings that result in authentic raw works of art. She built her own home ceramic studio in 2020, where she creates a dialogue between her lived experience and clay.


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