Louise Pentz is a graduate of NSCAD University, and has also studied at the University of Regina, the Metchosin School of the Arts in B.C., the Instituto da San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and in Phoenix, Arizona. She lives and works from her studio in Pentz, Nova Scotia. She has traveled throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Japan studying their various ceramic forms and techniques. Her highly regarded work has been exhibited in both public and commercial galleries across Canada and in France, and has led to numerous awards. Examples of her work have been featured in many publications, and form part of the collections of The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, The Burlington Art Gallery and the Consciel General de Puy de Dome, in Clairemont-Ferrand, France. Her work articulates the “clay vessel” through the forms of containers and the female figure, and the usage of smoke-firing evokes references to the containers of early antiquity. For her, clay is the perfect material with which to symbolize the human experience, its fragility and vulnerability, and also its strength and enduring nature.

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