Mindy Moore has been a studio potter for over 35 years. She first touched clay in high school and her experience on the potter's wheel at that time inspired her to study ceramics. She studied at Syracuse University College of visual and Performing Arts under the tutelage of Henry Gernhardt and David MacDonald where she received a BFA in Ceramics. While there she focused her ceramic art history studies on pottery of the Far East and was introduced to the Japanese concept of Wabi, which has greatly influenced and informed her work from that point on. Mindy lived in New York City following school where she continued her work in ceramics while studying further with many artists including Betty Woodman, James Makins and Byron Temple. Mindy moved to Halifax in 1987, setting up a home studio. Her clay work is exhibited throughout Atlantic Canada and has been featured in several galleries in the United States. Mindy also directs the art program at the Shambhala School in Halifax, teaching general art and pottery to grades 6 to 12. (Photos in Mindy's section were taken by Marvin Moore)

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