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Ian Gilson - Funt Toys
Polymer clay, paper, ink, plastic, acrylic paint
The Monkey's Paw - $65
Meat Landscape - $65
The Licker - 50
Finger of Funt - $45
Billy Bacon - $60
Hot Gravy - $65

Funt Toys was originally created to allow me to make less expensive multiples of my sculptures. I worked in print for a long time, and the subtle differences between each hand printing, and the ability to make small editions of each image, appealed to me almost as much as the images themselves.

Each piece is first hand sculpted, and then a silicone mould is created. They are then cast in a two part polyester resin. I hand paint each piece individually and then put them into in the handmade packaging I designed and made. All of the releases are limited to ten pieces or less.