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Darrell's Catch
Intaglio print
Edition of 120
9 x 6 1/2
$100 unframed

Darrell’s Catch, 1997
“Darrell Curran began coming to Halls Harbour every summer in his early teens. He would do any odd job, always eager to learn, a hard worker with a fighting spirit and a natural love of the water. He has fished with pretty near every boat and sea captain that has come into Halls Harbour picking up different skills as he went. One of the fishermen told Darrell he was too busy to tend a herring net, so in spite he decided to set up net. Not owning his own dory at the time, he borrowed one from us and proceeded to ‘pick his net’ clean during the high tide. Darrell was naïve to expect only to find a half dozen herring. Instead when he returned to the harbour wharf with a dory filled to the gills literally. With wide eyes, he exclaimed, “Maybe I am too busy to tend a herring net, an what am I gonna do with all this bait?!” Everyone working at the wharf that day had a good chuckle at Darrell’s’ expense. Depicted here with Darrell and the dory filled with herring is our family dog, Coolio.” – Joyce Martin