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Foggy Day, Halls Harbour, NS
Intaglio print
Edition of 100
3 1/2 x 5 1/4
$70 unframed

Foggy Day, Halls Harbour, NS, 1996
“When the fog rolls in on the Bay of Fundy it is always very thick and visibility diminishes. Without modern day technology and navigation, traditionally this meant work stopped for fishermen and it was a time to share fishing stories, repair lines, nets and drinks anchored at sea till the fog passed. My grandfather, Haley Neville was a lobster fisherman that relied solely on his compass, intuition and a bag of potatoes. After tending to this lobster traps, located off the shore of Halls Harbour, near the middle of the bay of Fundy, he would navigate home with his compass and then have his deck hand throw potatoes off the bow of the boat until they didn’t hear a splash. This meant the potatoes were landing on land and they had reached the entrance to Halls Harbour in the thick fog. Back in the day, most fishermen would opt to stay exactly wherever they were until the fog cleared.” – Trisha Neville